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Legionella Risk Asessment

Legionella risk assessment

Identify Your Risks – Preventing Exposure

Legionella Testing


Get Fast Results For Your Suspected Legionella Samples

Legionella Treatment Remediation


Ensuring Safety Of Your Water Plant & Services

Legionella Risk


Ensure Continuous Safety with Ongoing Water Quality Checks

Legionella Consultancy

Are you 100% Legionella Compliant?

Book your FREE Legionella compliance audit with one of our Legionella consultancy experts.

This is a free 30-minute video call where you get the opportunity to discuss and diagnose your current legionella compliance status.

About Acorn Safety Services

About Acorn Safety Services

Legionella Consultancy Services

We are a certified member of the Legionella Control Association and we are regularly audited and assessed by them for compliance with their Code of Conduct for Service Providers and the Service Standards for

Legionella Risk Assessment Services

  • Hot and cold water systems risk assessment
  • Healthcare risk assessment

Legionella Monitoring Services

  • Sampling
  • Interpretation of analysis

Our membership and compliance with the Code and Service Standards of the Legionella Control Association mean that we are well-placed to assist you in controlling the legionella risk associated with your water systems.

If you’re looking for legionella consultancy services for your property, we are here to help. At Acorn Safety Services, we specialise in carrying out Legionella risk assessments, Legionella testing and Legionella treatment remediation works for properties across the UK. We are proud to be a fully independent and impartial company, and it takes no time at all to get a fast, free no-obligation quote from our expert legionella consultants. 

As a leading Legionella consultancy, we’re passionate about promoting the importance of undertaking effective legionella safety measures within the workplace. Our constant endeavour is to help individuals, schools, businesses, organisations and local authorities practice legionella safety management, protecting people from harm.

Your Professional Compliance Support

Exposure to legionella bacteria can cause serious health conditions. The safe and swift management of legionella risk is essential to comply with legislation to protect the health of the teams, users and visitors to your premises. Acorn is here to ensure that your legionella risk is dealt with in a streamlined way, and to ensure that you mitigate any risk associated with the presence of Legionella.

Your Full Legionella Consultancy

Legionella compliance procedures are an essential resource for all premises owners, and yet it can be challenging to ensure these are maintained to the highest standards and evolve with changing regulations. Acorn is here to help identify any gaps in your processes, through a process of conducting professional surveys, reviews and developing a bespoke legionella management plan to protect your properties.

Your Access to Independent Legionella Expertise

As one of the few fully independent legionella consultancies, working with Acorn ensures that you have access to objective advice, built on our promise to always provide best practice. Our team strategize and work alongside our clients to recommend the most suitable, cost-effective solutions and to achieve the best outcomes for every project.

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Understanding and Implementing ACOP L8

Dive into the essentials of Legionella risk management with our guide. Learn about your legal responsibilities, effective control measures, and how ACOP L8 guidance can help safeguard your business and health.

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Climate Change and Legionella

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Legionella Outbreaks In The Uk

Preventing Legionella Outbreaks in the UK: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Legionella outbreaks in the UK demonstrate immense health risks. Facilities must take responsibility for proactive control measures – assess risks, implement water treatment, ensure system cleanliness, test frequently, train personnel, and communicate transparently when bacteria is found.

Are you 100% Legionella Compliant?

Book your FREE Legionella compliance audit with one of our Legionella consultancy experts.

This is a free 30-minute video call where you get the opportunity to discuss and diagnose your current legionella compliance status.

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