Supplier name: Acorn Safety Services Ltd

Publication date: November 2023

Commitment to achieving Net Zero

Acorn Safety Services Ltd is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Baseline Emissions Footprint

Establishing a baseline is a crucial step in the process of developing a carbon reduction plan because it provides a starting point against which progress can be measured.

Baseline Year: 2023
Scope 1 emissions – relate to direct combustion of natural gas and fuels utilised for transportation operations such as the company vehicle fleets.
Scope 2 emissions – relate to indirect emissions relating to consumption of electricity in the day-to-day business operations. (Natural Gas & Grid Supplied Electricity.)
Scope 3 emissions –
Category 4 – Upstream transportation and distribution.
Category 5 Waste generated in operations.
Category 6 Business travel.
Category 7 Employee commuting.
Category 9 Downstream transportation and distribution.  
Baseline year emissions:
Scope 178.31
Scope 223.40
Scope 3 (Included Sources)0.75
Total Emissions102.46

Emissions reduction targets

In order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero, we have adopted the following carbon reduction targets. We will reduce our carbon emissions from Scope 1 and 2 emissions to achieve NetZero by 2050 and will put in place interim targets to ensure sufficient progress is made.

Carbon Reduction Projects

Completed Carbon Reduction Initiatives

The company will make the following changes to help reduce our carbon footprint,

•          Meetings are now conducted over online platforms such as Teams. This has reduced travelling to these meetings.

•          Changing all lights in offices to energy-efficient lights.

•          Setting temperatures for thermostats.

•          Switching off lights in unused rooms / when rooms are not in use.

•          Ensuring items that can be recycled are recycled

Acorn Safety Services will review this document annually to review the previous year’s emissions data and to evaluate our performance.

Declaration and Sign Off

This Carbon Reduction Plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance and reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans.

Emissions have been reported and recorded in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the GHG Reporting Protocol corporate standard and uses the appropriate Government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting.

Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions have been reported in accordance with SECR requirements, and the required subset of Scope 3 emissions have been reported in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.

This Carbon Reduction Plan has been reviewed and signed off by the board of directors (or equivalent management body).

Signed on behalf of the Supplier:

Paul Knights – Director

24th November 2023