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If you are a Property Manager or Compliance Manager then our Legionella Risk Assessments will help you quickly get Legionella Compliant

Maybe you’ve been struggling to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8. It can feel like you’re lost in a maze of paperwork and legal jargon, all while trying to keep your property safe and your occupants happy.

Maybe you’ve been grappling with conducting thorough Legionella risk assessments, identifying the specific risk factors associated with your building’s usage and occupancy. It’s a complicated process, and one mistake can put everyone at risk.

Or maybe you’ve even been struggling with implementing Control Measures to mitigate identified risks and prevent the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria within water systems. It’s a daunting task, and the consequences of getting it wrong could be catastrophic.

It is a legal duty to carry out a legionella risk assessment on hot and cold water systems or any work associated with them. The legionella risk assessment should include all aspects of the hot and cold water systems including their operational functions. 

Legionella risk assessments are designed to provide a documented and pragmatic approach to:

  • Identify, quantify and assess the potential sources of risk of exposure to the Legionella bacteria
  • Assessing the existing control measures already in places such as service records, cleaning and monitoring regimes
  • Assessing the level of training, awareness and competence in regard to the management of Legionella bacteria
  • Provide guidance on any remedial actions to reduce any potential exposure to legionella bacteria

For all legionella risk assessments that are carried out by one of our qualified legionella risk assessors, we will undertake a complete comprehensive inspection of your premises.

The survey will look for any non-Water Regulations Approval Scheme approved fittings, poor cold water tank or hot water cylinder conditions, temperature profiling and accessibility to all areas that require monitoring and maintenance by law.

The results of this inspection will be used to make recommendations to you on how they improve their prevention and control measures.

Simply following our advice will ensure you meet your legal responsibilities and comply with all safety legislation and health regulations.

Rated 4.9/5 On Google

Rated On Google


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Lauren GaltonLauren Galton
12:59 31 Jan 24
John Crockett visited our site today, a lovely member of staff very helpful and informative.
Kevin QuinlanKevin Quinlan
13:59 05 Dec 23
Flexible and proficient service resulting in detailed and prompt reports. Would highly recommend!
Rob Winsorrob winsor
11:53 24 Nov 23
We contacted Acorn Health & Safety to carry out Legionella, DSEAR and Fire Risk Assessments for a number of our sites.Adam and his team provided a very effective and efficient service in a timely manner.Good knowledge and explanations were given by Adam during his visits on site, giving us a sound understanding.We will definitely be using Acorn again and highly recommend them.
Brenda McmanusBrenda McManus
17:07 09 Nov 23
We had excellent Fire Warden Training delivered by Adam Midson and Acorn Safety Services
Louise LaurieLouise Laurie
12:04 09 Nov 23
Great service would recommend this company, Adam was very knowledgable and helpful carry out the fire risk assessment.
N MarshallN Marshall
14:55 08 Nov 23
Great service from Acorn. Thank you to Adam for the Fire risk assessments. Adam is knowledgeable and efficient.Thanks to Zeynep for responding staright away to my calls and emails. Great customer service.
Mandy RoweMandy Rowe
09:25 07 Nov 23
Jo provided a very thorough and comprehensive report including photos, for the commercial premises which consists of 4 suites of offices. Her list of recommendations will be very helpful for each tenant and the Landlords for the building. It is important that Health and Safety procedures are followed to minimize risk for the tenants and the professionalism showed by Jo along with her advice has been extremely beneficial.Thank you.Mandy Rowepp David Investments Limited
Jo RennoJo Renno
16:59 03 Nov 23
Great service from this company. Thank you to Nathon who conducted our Fire and Legionella risk assessments. Nathon was very knowledgeable and explained many things to me , in simple terms! He simply just got on with the job swiftly and professionally.Thanks also to Zeynep for keeping in touch and always responding staright away to my emails! Brilliant customer service. I would definitely recommend Acorn Safety Services!
Lorraine HodkinsonLorraine Hodkinson
15:35 01 Nov 23
We contacted Acorn Health & Safety to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment for our site.They provided an efficient and cost effective service on a timely basis.Adam Midson their consultant carried out the risk assessment followed by our required training. He could not have been more helpful in assisting us to understand the requirements and responsibilities of the company going forward.We feel confident that they will be there to provide support if and when needed.

What you get with our Legionella Risk Assessments…

To secure Legionella Compliance through our expert Legionella Risk Assessments, simply click the button below to request a quote. By doing so, you’re not just obtaining a service; you’re entering a realm of unparalleled, professional legionella risk management. Our approach ensures your properties are safeguarded, maintaining your compliance fully in check, while offering peace of mind with our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Where Acorn Safety Services Stands Out

Acorn Safety Services excels in Legionella compliance, offering bespoke, stress-free solutions. Our expert team ensures your premises meet HSE standards with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive training. As your trusted partner, we make water safety management efficient, effective, and hassle-free.


A thorough and detailed risk identification process is the first step towards achieving Legionella compliance. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property, identifying all possible sources of risk. This not only helps in preventing Legionella outbreaks but also ensures that you are fully compliant with all regulations, giving you peace of mind.


In the world of property management, emergencies don’t keep office hours. That’s why Acorn Safety Services offers round-the-clock emergency response. Our team is always on standby, ready to provide immediate assistance to any legionella-related issues. This ensures the safety of your property and its occupants at all times, delivering on the promise of full legionella compliance.


Our service doesn’t stop at identifying the risks. We also assess the effectiveness of your current control measures. This step allows us to provide you with valuable insights into your current Legionella prevention strategies and how they can be improved, helping you to achieve the desired Legionella Compliance.


Using cutting-edge technology, Acorn Safety Services offers superior protection against legionella. Through continuous monitoring and advanced risk assessment tools, we can detect potential threats. This proactive approach ensures the highest level of safety, helping you maintain full compliance and peace of mind.


Based on our detailed risk identification and assessment of control measures, we provide you with clear, easy-to-implement and understandable recommendations for your risk mitigation. These recommendations are bespokely tailored to your property, making them highly effective in preventing Legionella outbreaks and ensuring legionella compliance.


Not all properties are created equal. That’s why Acorn Safety Services offers tailor-made risk management solutions to match your specific needs. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your property, identifying any potential risks and creating a customised plan for legionella compliance. This means the most efficient use of resources, saving you time and money.


Staying compliant with Legionella regulations is crucial for Property Managers and Compliance Managers. Our Compliance Evaluation service provides a detailed review of your current compliance status, helping you identify any areas of non-compliance and providing the necessary guidance to rectify them.


Forget about paperwork. With Acorn Safety Services, all your legionella compliance documents are stored digitally. Our robust reporting system allows you to access critical information anytime, anywhere. This not only simplifies the compliance process but also provides transparency and accountability, further cementing your peace of mind.


For effective management and compliance, clear documentation is key. We provide you with detailed system schematics and documentation, making the management of Legionella risks straightforward and uncomplicated. These documents serve as a guide, providing clarity and direction in maintaining Legionella Compliance.


Acorn Safety Services is a team of experts from various fields committed to ensuring your property is legionella-free. Our multidisciplinary approach covers all aspects of legionella control, from risk assessment to remediation. This ensures that all bases are covered, helping you achieve complete legionella compliance.


A comprehensive management plan is the backbone of consistent Legionella Compliance. We help you develop an effective management plan that is customized to your property, ensuring that your Legionella risk is consistently managed and mitigated.


Acorn Safety Services offers comprehensive training programs designed to equip you and your staff with the skills needed to maintain legionella compliance. This not only increases your internal capabilities but also empowers you to take control of your property’s safety.


Education is a critical component of compliance. We provide practical training and awareness recommendations to ensure that all stakeholders understand the importance of Legionella Compliance, how to maintain it, and what to do in case of an outbreak. This empowers everyone involved to play their part in maintaining a Legionella-free environment.

How much does a Legionella Risk Assessment cost?

If you’re looking to find out how much your legionella risk assessments will cost, all you need to do is fill in our simple quote request form.

Legionella Risk Assessment – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve outlined some commonly asked questions about Legionella Risk Assessments.

A Legionella Risk Assessment is an in-depth evaluation of water systems to identify and assess the risk of Legionella bacteria, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease. It is a vital step towards achieving Legionella compliance. Our service includes a detailed risk identification process, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

The assessment involves a thorough inspection of your water systems. Our experts assess your control measures, identify potential risks, and provide recommendations for risk mitigation. We use proven methods to ensure the complete safety of your water systems.

More than just compliance, this assessment ensures the health and safety of your building occupants. It gives peace of mind, knowing you’ve done everything possible to mitigate risk. Furthermore, our comprehensive service includes the development of a management plan, ensuring that you’re prepared for the future.

Our service doesn’t stop at risk identification. We evaluate your current measures against the necessary compliance standards. With our compliance evaluation, you can be confident that you are meeting all regulatory requirements.

We don’t just identify the risks; we also provide a solution. Our recommendations for risk mitigation are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your water systems are safe and compliant.

The development of a management plan is an integral part of our service. It outlines the necessary steps to manage the risks and prevent recurrence. This plan is designed to help you maintain compliance over the long term.

Yes, we do. We create system schematics and detailed documentation, providing a comprehensive overview of your water systems and our findings. This documentation can be invaluable for future reference and compliance purposes.

Definitely. We offer training and awareness recommendations as part of our service. We believe that understanding is key to maintaining a safe and compliant environment.

Absolutely. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We understand that every property is unique and requires a different approach. Our comprehensive service is designed to cover all aspects of Legionella compliance.

Our professionals are highly experienced and knowledgeable in Legionella Risk Assessments. Their expertise ensures that your property is in safe hands. They are committed to providing the best service and helping you achieve Legionella compliance.

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