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If you are a Property Manager or Compliance Manager, our Legionella Testing Services will efficiently guide you towards achieving Legionella compliance.

Perhaps you’ve found it challenging to adhere to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8. Navigating through the complex maze of documentation and legal terminology, all in the effort to maintain your property’s safety and ensure the well-being of your occupants can seem daunting.

Perhaps you’ve encountered difficulties in conducting comprehensive Legionella testing, pinpointing the unique risk factors tied to your building’s function and occupancy levels. It’s a complex task, where a single oversight could jeopardize everyone’s safety.

Or maybe you’ve even been struggling with implementing Control Measures to mitigate identified risks and prevent the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria within water systems. It’s a daunting task, and the consequences of getting it wrong could be catastrophic.

If you are responsible for the management of water systems then you should be aware of the dangers of Legionella bacteria and the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease that it can cause. Legionella Testing is vital to ensure that legionella bacteria are not present in your water systems and posing a risk to people’s health.

If legionella bacteria are found to be present in your water system then our team of experts can work with you to develop a legionella control strategy to help you minimise the risk posed by legionella bacteria. Our legionella control strategies are tailored to each individual site and take into account the type of water system, the level of risk, and the resources available.

Legionella testing is just one part of managing legionella bacteria in your water system. Our team of experts can also provide you with comprehensive training on all aspects of legionella control, including Legionnaires’ disease. This training can be delivered on-site at your premises or at our training centre.

Legionella testing should be undertaken when confirmation of the presence of legionella bacteria is required.

You should test for Legionella when:

  • A control regime’s limits, such as temperature or disinfectant concentration, are not always consistently attained.
  • There is a high-risk area or a place where there is a population with increased susceptibility, e.g. in healthcare premises such as care homes.
  • A water system is suspected or identified in a case of an outbreak of Legionellosis.
  • A water system is being treated with biocides and hot water is stored or distributed at lower temperatures.

Rated 4.9/5 On Google

Rated On Google


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Lauren GaltonLauren Galton
12:59 31 Jan 24
John Crockett visited our site today, a lovely member of staff very helpful and informative.
Kevin QuinlanKevin Quinlan
13:59 05 Dec 23
Flexible and proficient service resulting in detailed and prompt reports. Would highly recommend!
Rob Winsorrob winsor
11:53 24 Nov 23
We contacted Acorn Health & Safety to carry out Legionella, DSEAR and Fire Risk Assessments for a number of our sites.Adam and his team provided a very effective and efficient service in a timely manner.Good knowledge and explanations were given by Adam during his visits on site, giving us a sound understanding.We will definitely be using Acorn again and highly recommend them.
Brenda McmanusBrenda McManus
17:07 09 Nov 23
We had excellent Fire Warden Training delivered by Adam Midson and Acorn Safety Services
Louise LaurieLouise Laurie
12:04 09 Nov 23
Great service would recommend this company, Adam was very knowledgable and helpful carry out the fire risk assessment.
N MarshallN Marshall
14:55 08 Nov 23
Great service from Acorn. Thank you to Adam for the Fire risk assessments. Adam is knowledgeable and efficient.Thanks to Zeynep for responding staright away to my calls and emails. Great customer service.
Mandy RoweMandy Rowe
09:25 07 Nov 23
Jo provided a very thorough and comprehensive report including photos, for the commercial premises which consists of 4 suites of offices. Her list of recommendations will be very helpful for each tenant and the Landlords for the building. It is important that Health and Safety procedures are followed to minimize risk for the tenants and the professionalism showed by Jo along with her advice has been extremely beneficial.Thank you.Mandy Rowepp David Investments Limited
Jo RennoJo Renno
16:59 03 Nov 23
Great service from this company. Thank you to Nathon who conducted our Fire and Legionella risk assessments. Nathon was very knowledgeable and explained many things to me , in simple terms! He simply just got on with the job swiftly and professionally.Thanks also to Zeynep for keeping in touch and always responding staright away to my emails! Brilliant customer service. I would definitely recommend Acorn Safety Services!
Lorraine HodkinsonLorraine Hodkinson
15:35 01 Nov 23
We contacted Acorn Health & Safety to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment for our site.They provided an efficient and cost effective service on a timely basis.Adam Midson their consultant carried out the risk assessment followed by our required training. He could not have been more helpful in assisting us to understand the requirements and responsibilities of the company going forward.We feel confident that they will be there to provide support if and when needed.

How much does Legionella Testing cost?

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Legionella Testing – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve outlined some commonly asked questions about Legionella Testing.

Legionella testing involves analysing water samples from various systems, such as cooling towers, hot and cold water systems, and other environments prone to Legionella bacteria growth, to detect the presence of these bacteria.

It’s crucial for preventing Legionnaires’ disease, a serious lung infection caused by inhaling water droplets contaminated with Legionella. Regular testing helps ensure water safety and compliance with health and safety regulations.

The frequency of testing varies depending on the building’s usage, water system complexity, and previous Legionella findings. Generally, testing should be conducted at least annually, or more frequently if risk assessments indicate a higher risk.

Testing should be carried out by competent individuals or accredited laboratories specialising in Legionella detection and water analysis, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

If Legionella is found, immediate action is required to mitigate the risk. This might involve flushing systems, raising water temperatures, chemical treatment, and further testing to confirm the bacteria have been eradicated.

While DIY test kits are available, professional testing is recommended for comprehensive and accurate results. Experts can also provide advice on risk mitigation and compliance measures.

UK law requires building owners and managers to assess and control the risk of exposure to Legionella. This includes conducting risk assessments and, where necessary, Legionella testing to comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) ACOP L8 guidelines.

Any water system that can create a breathable mist or aerosols, such as cooling towers, hot and cold water systems, spas, and fountains, should be tested for Legionella as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy.

The time to receive results can vary but typically ranges from 2 to 14 days after the laboratory receives the samples, depending on the testing methods used.

Regular maintenance of water systems, temperature control (keeping cold water below 20°C and hot water above 50°C), avoiding stagnant water by flushing out unused outlets, and treating water with appropriate biocides can significantly reduce the risk of Legionella growth.

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