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Legionella Testing

Here at Acorn Safety Services, we offer comprehensive legionella testing and consultancy service to help you manage legionella bacteria in your water systems. Our team of legionella experts can provide you with Legionella risk assessments, site surveys, legionella testing, and much more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

If you are responsible for the management of water systems then you should be aware of the dangers of Legionella bacteria and the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease that it can cause. Legionella Testing is vital to ensure that legionella bacteria are not present in your water systems and posing a risk to people’s health.

If legionella bacteria are found to be present in your water system then our team of experts can work with you to develop a legionella control strategy to help you minimize the risk posed by legionella bacteria. Our legionella control strategies are tailored to each individual site and take into account the type of water system, the level of risk, and the resources available.

Legionella testing is just one part of managing legionella bacteria in your water system. Our team of experts can also provide you with comprehensive training on all aspects of legionella control, including Legionnaires’ disease. This training can be delivered on-site at your premises or at our training centre.

What is Legionella Testing?

​Legionella bacteria analysis and legionella water testing is the process of taking a water sample, in a sterilised bottle (with sodium thiosulphate) for a true reading, before sending the water sample onto our UKAS-accredited laboratory for quick analysis and fast results. The laboratory will identify the presence or absence of Legionella in the water sample collected, along with the bacterial count and Legionella species present.

What type of water systems could require legionella testing?

  • Cooling water systems, cooling towers and evaporative condensers
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Safety showers, sprinklers, vehicle wash systems
  • Fountains and water features
  • Spa pools
  • Spray humidifiers, misters, air washers and wet scrubbers
  • Any other system containing water in which Legionella could grow and be released in aerosol droplets

Legionella Testing Services

Legionella testing should be undertaken when confirmation of the presence of legionella bacteria is required.

You should test for Legionella when:

  • A control regime’s limits, such as temperature or disinfectant concentration, are not always consistently attained.
  • There is a high-risk area or a place where there is a population with increased susceptibility, e.g. in healthcare premises such as care homes.
  • A water system is suspected or identified in a case of an outbreak of Legionellosis.
  • A water system is being treated with biocides and hot water is stored or distributed at lower temperatures.

It is recommended that legionella testing should only be undertaken by competent persons who have had sufficient training.

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How much does Legionella Testing cost?

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Interpretation of test results in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Often, laboratories will give clients their results without any interpretation from the company. Nevertheless, we are experts in controlling Legionnaires’ illnesses and other water pathogens. We have experience analyzing, interpreting and managing these risks effectively. We will also explain how your risk management actions might affect future risk management activities and how those actions affect you. It is important to develop and implement a strategy to correct any identified problem.

Legionella Testing
Legionella Testing 2

Legionella Testing – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve outlined some commonly asked questions about Legionella Testing. Still got a question, contact us and request a call back from one of our Legionella Consultants.

What is Legionella Bacteria?

Legionella bacteria is a type of pathogenic bacterium that can cause legionnaires’ disease, a severe and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia. The legionella bacteria is found in natural water sources as well as man-made water systems, such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, hot tubs/whirlpools, showerheads, and fountains.

How do I test for legionella in my water system?

When monitoring for legionella is deemed necessary, the sampling procedure should be carried out in accordance with BS7592 and, if a biocide is used, it should be neutralized as soon as possible. To ensure the most accurate results, water samples should be sent to and tested by a UKAS-accredited laboratory that participates in the water microbiology proficiency testing scheme such as Public Health England’s. The laboratory should also apply a minimum theoretical mathematical detection limit of <= 100 legionella bacteria per litre of sample for culture-based methods.

Our trained legionella experts have extensive experience sampling and testing for Legionella across a wide range of water systems, throughout various types of properties and for different sectors.

After conducting an initial assessment of the property and water systems. With our team, you can be confident that we will establish a thorough and accurate sampling plan. This plan will include how many samples need to be taken, the types of sampling, as well as where the locations are going to be. They will likely take samples from both hot and cold outlets, as well as areas that have been identified as being a potential risk for high numbers of Legionella bacteria, such as those with poor temperature distribution.

Water samples are collected utilising the bottle sampling methodology which entails the collection of water into small, sterile vials before being labelled and sent to an external UKAS-accredited laboratory for examination and analysis.

How much does a legionella testing cost?

This depends on the number of samples that need testing and the collection process.

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Who can you use for legionella testing?

Water quality testing may be done by a service provider, such as a water treatment business or consultant, or by the operator if they are trained to do so and are correctly supervised.

The type of test required will be determined by the kind of water system you have. HSG274 Legionnaires’ disease Technical guidance provides further details for both evaporative cooling systems and hot and cold water systems. 

How often should I test for Legionella in water? 

The answer is determined by the system you have and the recommendations as set out within your legionella risk assessment. For open systems, such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers and spa pools etc, routine testing should be carried out at least quarterly. However, there may be circumstances where more frequent sampling may be required.

Microbiological testing is not usually required for hot and cold water systems, which are generally enclosed and do not face the elements or significant contamination in the same way as cooling towers. If you’re unsure about your control regime’s effectiveness or if recommended temperatures or disinfectant concentrations aren’t being consistently met, additional testing for legionella may be required. HSE provide further guidance in HSG274 Part 2 (PDF)

How do I interpret legionella test results?

The results of your legionella testing will need to be viewed within the context of your water system. Any actions required following your legionella testing results will depend on your legionella risk assessment. Our Legionella Consultants will be on hand to guide you through whatever you need to do.

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